1530USB Datasette to PC Adapter



1530USB V2.0 Play and Record FREE Worldwide Shipping 15.00 GBP

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If you have already bought one of these adapters and want to find out how to set it up/use it
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SUPPORT FORUM How to use 1530USB

This is a homemade USB Plug and Play adapter for connecting Commodore 1530 datasette to PC.

This adapter allows you tou record TAP,T64,PRG,P00 images to blank cassette tapes so you can load them onto your C64.
It makes good quality backup of cassette tapes to PC.
It can be used to load software (almost) direct from datasette to an emulator running on a modern PC.
You can adjust the azimuth head alignment on your datasette using Winvice emulator.No need for the real C64.

Your datasette and the adapter is powered via your PC's USB Port.
They draw max around 110mah.
It is based on a USB sound card so should be compatible with most operating systems.

Price (Including postage,paypal fees) and delivery time
15 to UK,2nd Class large letter,2-5 days
15 to Europe,Airmail (non tracked) 3-10 days
15 to rest of the world,Airmail (non tracked) 3-15 days