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Tapecart SD / Convert PRG to TCRT
« on: June 25, 2021, 10:07:01 PM »
1.Download Tapecart Bundler.rar and open it to your desktop.
2.Copy your PRG files to the folder called PRG.You need minimum 2 PRG files.You can't convert a single PRG file to TCRT.
3.Double click Runme.bat. It wil create game-Vol#1.tcrt Rename it before moving to your SD card.

1530USB Datasette to PC Adapter / How to listen to tapes
« on: June 10, 2021, 07:41:37 PM »
These are the steps,if you want to be able to hear the datastream from the datasette.

1.Press Windows Key and R to open RUN window and type mmsys.cpl

Or right click on the speaker icon and select recording devices.

Double click USB microphone,go to Listen tab and tick the Listen to this device box.
Go to playback devices and set your own speakers as default.

With this configuration,you can listen to whatever is coming from the tape.
DO NOT use listen to this device feature if you are going to record a game to tape.You have to disable it.

1530USB Datasette to PC Adapter / How to split TAP files
« on: June 10, 2021, 07:33:38 PM »
If you have a tape with several games on it,you can back it up,convert it to TAP file and extract the individual games.

Download and install the TAP Manager by Manosoft.

Create a new folder on your desktop and copy the path.

Run the Tap Manager,delete the path on the output directory line and paste your own path.Click on the home button to make it default.

Click on the load file and select your TAP file.Tick the boxes for the games you want to extract.Click on the split file.

UNO2IEC / Setting up the UNO2IEC
« on: April 22, 2021, 09:30:26 AM »

Before plugging in the UNO2IEC to your PC,you need to install the USB drivers.

Windows users Download CH341SER.rar

Mac users Click HERE

After installing the USB drivers,plug it in and go to the device manager,

Start device manager
 Open the “Run” dialog box by pressing and holding the Windows key, then press the R key (“Run”).
Type devmgmt.msc.
Click OK .

You will find the CH340 under the Ports,make a not of the COM number,you will need that for the settings.

Download the UNO2IEC Host Program Windows

Download the UNO2IEC Host Program Mac OSX

Select your COM port number from the drop down list.
Set the serial speed to 57600
Select the device number you want to use.
Set Reset Pin 6,Clock Pin 5,ATN Pin 4,Data Pin 3
Choose the folder you want to use.Click OK.
Main -> Directory Listing Theme -> Machine -> You can change it to VIC20 or others

Download file browser for VIC20
Download file browser for C64

Copy the file browser to your shared folder and load it on your Commodore with the command


Tapecart SD / Setting up the Tapecart SD
« on: March 07, 2021, 04:57:42 PM »

You need to format a micro SD card with FAT32 file system and unrar the file below,

Copy the contents inside the folder called sd to your SD card.Make sure browser.prg is at the root,otherwise you will get "Press Play on Tape" message.

You can use any micro SD card upto 32GB in capacity.Try to use 8 or 16GB even smaller if possible.Few users had problems with the 32GB ones.If you are using a Mac,it might create duplicate files on the SD card.

You can change any folder and file on the micro SD card but you need to keep the browser.prg at the root folder.You can find tons of games,demos,apps etc in PRG format at the following link,

You can load the browser by pressing the SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys or by typing LOAD command and pressing the RETURN key.

How to create TCRT files:

1.Download Tapecart Bundler.rar and open it to your desktop.
2.Copy your PRG files to the folder called PRG.You need minimum 2 PRG files.You can't convert a single PRG file to TCRT.
3.Double click Runme.bat. It wil create game-Vol#1.tcrt Rename it before moving to your SD card.


Photo above is borrowed from Cem Tezcan's Blog.

First thing you need to do is format a micro SD card (up to 32GB) with FAT32 file system.
Download the following RAR file

unrar it to your desktop and copy the files inside the zerosd folder to the root.
Make sure start.elf,kernel.img,config.txt and the other files are on the root,otherwise Pi Zero will not boot.
Insert the micro SD card to the Raspberry Pi Zero,plug in the cartridge to your C64 and connect the serial cable.Turn it on and select a D64 file and mount it.
Use the C= and Run/Stop keys to autostart the first file on the disk image.But keep in mind,this doesn't always work.You might get a "FILE NOT FOUND" error.In this case type /* and press return.When it's loaded start it with the RUN command.

If you want to download selection of games,go to this website.

If you want to have it all,CLICK here.

How to update the Pi1541

Visit the Steve White's project page,

Find the download section and click on the link says,

Latest Version 1.X (Pi0/1)

That is the Kernel.img.Just replace your old one on the SD card with the new one and you are up to date.
Please note,version 1.24 has some bugs like activitiy light and buzzer not working.You might want to wait for the next release.

3D Printing the Case

Here is Cem Tezcan's 3D design,

If you are going to get this printed by someone else,make sure pick one option either the one with the M2 screws or the M2.5 screws.Otherwise you might get 2 sets of cases costing you twice.

If you don't have a 3D printer,join a 3D printing Facebook group and ask if anyone can print this for you.You might find some one willing to print this very cheap or even just the cost of the postage.

1530USB Datasette to PC Adapter / Failed Backup Troubleshooting
« on: December 15, 2020, 05:59:12 PM »
Alright folks.These are the common problems I come across.

You backed up your tape but it doesn't work on emulator.

1.That tape game might have copy protection.

Downoad Vice 2.2 and start the x64.exe.
Go to Settings->Drive Settings -> Set the Drive 8 to NONE

Try your TAP file again.Vice 2.2 version is less picky and warp speed is around 3000%

2.Tape might be damaged.It is very likely chewed by the datasette 30 odd years ago.
That tape might load and run on the real hardware just fine.Because C64 loads and runs the program even if it has corrupted data.It will crash or glitch out during the game play.
Emulators crash while loading if there is corrupt data.

This is how it looks if the tape is damaged.

If the game is on both sides of the tape,you can backup both sides and stitch the good parts with the bad ones using audacity.

3.Finaltap gives 6%
If that game loader is not in the Finaltaps database,you will get very low percentage.
Do not clean/optimize as it might ruin that TAP file.
You might try to clean with the program called Tapclean as it has a larger database.

Download this TAP file and record it to a tape.Backup that tape and check with Finaltap.If you get 99% without cleaning,
it means the adapter,datasette and the tape is OK.

IRQHack64 / EasySD Cartridge / Setting up the cartridge and how to use
« on: November 29, 2020, 05:29:03 PM »
This cartridge is for sale on Ebay.HERE is the LINK

First of all,you need to find a micro SD card upto 32GB and format it to FAT32 file system.

You need to copy over one of the browsers below to the root of the SD card.

Download Browser

This browser has the good looks but the filenames are limited to 20 characters.
Navigating UP and DOWN with the CURSOR keys and scrolling with the < > keys.You can also use a joystick.

Download Browser
This browser supports filenames upto 34 characters.
Navigating up and down with the + and - keys.RETURN to select the file.
Next and previous pages by < and > keys.

Create a new folder on the SD card called GAMES.Copy some PRG files to this folder.

Insert the Micro SD card to the cartridge.
Set the jumper setting to IRQhack64

Plug in the cartridge to your C64 and turn it on.
You will get the Basic screen.
Short press the button on the cartridge will load the browser.

If you press the button bit longer (0.5 seconds to 2 seconds) it RESETs the computer.

After loading a program,if you press the button even longer (2 to 5 seconds),that program will be autoloaded when you turn off the C64 and turn it back on.
If you want to cancel the autoload,RESET the computer and hold the button for about 3-4 seconds while on the basic screen.


If you want to make the cartridge even faster,you can turn the Turbo on.
While in the browser,push the button for longer than 5 seconds and a short press after to go back.You will see TURBO written on the top of the browser.

In normal mode,a 50 kb size file loads in about 3 seconds.
In Turbo mode,a 50 kb size file loads almost instantly.

Bluetooth data transfer doesn't work properly in Turbo mode.

BLUETOOTH Connection and the wireless data transfer:

Attach the bluetooth module to the cartridge,plug it in to the C64 and turn it on.
Go to your Windows machine and search for new bluetooth devices,pair it with EasySD.

Password is 1234

To Start Device Manager

    Open the “Run” dialog box by pressing and holding the Windows key, then press the R key (“Run”).
    Type devmgmt. msc .

Find the Ports

You should find 2 new bluetooth COM ports.Make sure they are both set to 57600bps

    Click OK .

Download this RAR file.
Unrar it to your desktop.Right click on the send.bat and click on edit.

You need to change the COM port number according to your own.If it is 6,it should look like this,

IRQHackSend.exe "%~1" COM6

Save and close the notepad.Drag and drop the jus.prg file onto the send.bat

If you get a message saying "Waiting arduino to initialize".it means that's the wrong COM port.
Edit the send.bat with the other COM port number and try again.

If you can succesfully transfer a PRG to C64,
Move IRQHackSend.exe and send.bat files under the folder C:\windows\

Go back to your desktop and right click on the jus.prg and select properties.

Click on the button says "change",choose "Look for another app on this PC

Navigate to the C:\Windows\ and choose send.bat

Now on,if you double click on any PRG file,it will send it directly to C64.

You can change the settings on your web browser to open PRG files instead of saving to downloads folder.This way if you click on a link ending with .prg,it will also send it to C64.

To be continued...

1530USB Datasette to PC Adapter / Setting up the adaptor Version 2
« on: February 23, 2020, 09:27:52 PM »

Download Audiotap and WAV-PRG HERE.
Download Audacity HERE.
Download FinalTAP HERE.

For the first time you plug the adapter to your PC,you will need to setup the settings below,

1.Press Windows Key and R to open RUN window and type mmsys.cpl

Or right click on the speaker icon and select recording devices.

2.Set the USB microphone as default and go to properties.Change the device name to "READ".
3.Custom tab,untick the AGC.
4.Set the recording level to 0 (We will adjust this setting later on.)
5.Advanced tab choose the 48000 Hz

Right click on the speaker icon and goto Playback devices.Find USB Speakers and click on the properties.

1.Change device name to "WRITE"
2.Set the volume level 100%
3.Enhancements tab,tick the box says "Disable all enhancements"
4.Go to advanced and choose 48000 Hz
5.Spatial sound tab - set it to OFF and click on the OK below.

Adjusting the READ volume and backing up a cassette tape to PC:

Insert a good condition,original copy cassette game to the datasette and press play.

Start Audacity and click the RECORD button.

Find the microphone volume setting and slide it to the right untill it fills the screen.

After recording that side of tape save it as WAV.

Start Audiotap,click on "Create a tap file",tick "from an audio file"
Click OK,choose the WAV file,OK,give the tap file a name.

Drag and drop the TAP file to Finaltap

If you get Recognized 99% you have done a perfect backup.Click on Repair & Optimize to clean it up.

After the should show all green and Recognized 100%

Click on the save as (disk icon) to save the clean tap.

Keep in mind,you don't get these results with all TAP files.It depends on the loader.You might try Tapclean program aswell.

Drag and drop the cleaned TAP to winvice emulator and check if it works.

Recording software to blank cassette tape:

TAP Files:

Start AudioTap.
Select "convert from a Tap file" and "to a sound",tick "inverted waveform", click OK and choose the TAP file you want to record.
Press Record and Play on the datasette.

Turbo LOAD T64,PRG,P00 Images

Browse through this website and download T64,PRG,P00 Images.
Unzip those files to a folder on your desktop.

Start WAV-PRG and choose "Convert a PRG,P00 or T64 file to a sound"

You don't need to change any settings.

Click on "Sound Card",tick "inverted waveform", and higlight the files,drag and drop it to WAV-PRG.

Press RECORD and PLAY on your datasette.

This is it.

Good luck.

1530USB Datasette to PC Adapter / Unable to Record to Tapes
« on: December 20, 2019, 09:51:19 PM »
If the programs that you tried to record on a tape is not loading on your Commodore 64,here is the troubleshooting.

1.Inspect the tape,is it creased? Pressure pad missing?
2.Clean the heads,capstan and the pinch roller with IPA and cotton buds.
3.Do not tick the "inverted waveform" box.It is used for transfering from tape to PC,not for recording to tapes.
4.Go to sound settings and make sure USB Pnp sound device is set as default for the playback.
5.Do not use your computer while recording.If you get any audio notifications from Facebook or messenger,it will be recorded to the tape.
6.DOWNLOAD Recorder Justage and record it to tape.Try loading on C64.
7.Backup that not loading tape back to PC and send me the WAV file so I can investigate what is wrong with it.

DC/Battery Powered Commodore 64 / Battery Status Indicator
« on: October 14, 2019, 09:55:25 PM »
We need to know how much juice left in the internal battery pack.
So I bought this 11.1V Li-Ion Battery Status Indicator of ebay.

I removed the LED lights and the top of the switch.I shorted the switch so it will always be lit.

I also bought rectangular RGB LED's of ebay.

I soldered the LED to the indicator board.Added 330R resistor to the negative leg.

I added a connector to the +12V input of the voltage regulator for easy plug in.

It's ready to plugin.

Push it in where the original LED was.Perfect fit.

It turns red when low on power,green medium and blue is fully charged.


This tape interface can be used with any Commodore computer system with a tape/datasette port.Instead of using cassette tapes,we will be using MP3 audio files as medium with modern devices like smart phones,desktop/laptop or tablet PCs.

If you want to use a tablet PC or a phone,there is only one setting you need to do which is the sound volume level.You should play the MP3's anywhere from 75% to 100%.

If you want to use a Windows PC,follow the steps below,

1.Press Windows Key and R to open RUN window and type mmsys.cpl

2.Double click on Speakers and go to levels.Set it to 80%
3.Enhancements tab,tick the box says "Disable all enhancements"
4.Go to advanced and choose 48000 Hz
5.Spatial sound tab - set it to OFF and click on the OK below.

Loading games from the website

VIC20 users,press the Shift and Run/Stop keys.Go to this page and click on one of the games.

C64 users,Press shift and run/stop keys.Go to this website and click on the one of the games.When you see the FOUND screen,press space bar.

Converting games to MP3 files:

You can find lots of VIC20 games on this server also C64 games on this site

DOWNLOAD this rar file and unrar it to your desktop.
It is a little batch script for converting the programs to WAV files,trimming down the pilot tone and converting it to MP3 files.
Copy the PRG,T64 and P00 files in to the newfiles folder.
If they are for C64,double click on the C64.bat file.If they are for VIC20,run the VIC20.bat.
When the conversion is complete,you will find MP3 files only in the newfiles folder.Other files will be deleted.

You can make gameplay screenshots by running the game with the winvice emulator and pressing the ALT+C keys.You can embed that image to mp3 file by using the mp3tag program and use add cover option.

Loading with android app TAPDANCER:

There is an android app called Tapdancer.This app converts the TAP,PRG,T64 and P00 files to sound so you can load it on your Commodore.Unfortunately this app hasn't been updated for the new android versions so it was taken off the app store.
If you have a 5-6 year old device laying around,you can DOWNLOAD Tapdancer and give it a try.

Other MODs / Powering The PI1541 From The Tape Port
« on: March 12, 2019, 01:21:25 PM »

I tried to power the PI1541 through the USB port first.It was getting stuck at the "searching for" screen.

I checked the voltages on the USB pads and the GPIO pins and found out there is a 0.7V voltage drop between them.That shows the USB power protection and regulator circuit is using quite a bit of power.
So I connected the power from the tape port direct to the GPIO pins.

It is possible to reduce the power consumption of Raspberry PI by disabling the HDMI,WIFI,Bluetooth,Ethernet and USB ports.I added the commands to config.txt file on the SD card.

Code: [Select]
tvservice -o
tee /sys/devices/platform/soc/3f980000.usb/buspower >/dev/null


I tried hooking it up to my LCD TV with the HDMI cable and found out it was still working.So these commands didn't do a thing.I will try to contact Steve White and ask him about this.

A friend from Italy asked me to help him making this mod.I will go in to more detail.

STEP 1 Building the battery pack:

Shopping list.

1 X Battery Charger Protection Board Module

6 X 18650 Batteries

1 X DC-DC Step down buck converter

1 X Soldering Iron

1 X Multimeter

Making the PSU connector cable:

You need the cut off the DIN connector from an old C64 PSU.

Plug in the DIN connector and find the continuity to the leg in the image above.

DC/Battery Powered Commodore 64 / Internal Battery Pack Mod for C64C
« on: December 16, 2018, 11:50:31 AM »

Correction to the video!!! +12V DC is taken from the third pin from left on the userport output and connected to DC to DC step down voltage regulator.

This is how it looks like once it's finished.

First thing you have to do for this project is disconnecting one of the legs of the resistor at the R19.
This is very important as it overheats when we are running on DC only.
Remove the fuse as it's useless and also if you plug in the regular power supply by accident,removed fuse will save your C64C.

I salvaged 6 Li-ion 18650 batteries from an old laptop battery pack.I recharged them using a li-ion charger and made sure they are all at close capacity before making a 3S pack.
This is the battery protection board that I used for this project.

Other side of the board.

That is where I soldered the +12V out from the battery pack.

Also (-) from the battery pack soldered to ground.

We also need 5V to run our C64.For this I used a Step Down Voltage Regulator.
As it is adjustable,you need to set it to 5V before connecting it to your C64 board.

In the image above,you can see how I connected the voltage regulator to the board.

I used an old router power supply for this project.It provides 12V at 1A.
It can charge the battery pack in about 1,5 hours and gives me up to 2 hours play time.
If you want to charge while using your C64,you should get an at least  1.5A rated power supply.

This is the diagram,how you need to wire up the power connector.

This is the 2.4Ghz AV transmitter module.If you want to buy a ready made one,follow this link.

For the TOD clock signal generator,take a look at Pasi Lassila's Blog Entry.

I ordered a NE555 Adjustable Module for the TOD generator.Once I recieved it,I will update this tutorial.

Check out this video.

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