Commodore Datasette PCBs

Hello! I have a Commodore 1530 Datasette PCB and a Datasette cable that I want to use for a project but I haven't been able to find any pictures of what wires are soldered where on the board so please could someone provide some pictures of the top side of a Datasette PCB?

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Taperecorder script for linux(Debian and Ubuntu)


I have worked on a terminal script for using the adaptor under linux,
it'#039#039s just version 0.5 so it is maybe a little bit buggy and won'#039#039t work under newer
ubuntus and debians(had problems on my laptop, there'#039#039s a newer linux installed)
checked it under:
Linux nbspnbsp 4.9...

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1530 and 1531 correct belt sizes?

Does anyone have this data?

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Wireless AV Kit for Commodore C64C.Avaliable now April 2019

1530USB Datasette to PC Adapter In stock April 2019

1530SD Datasette to SD Card Transfer....coming soon.

1530BT Bluetooth Tape Emulator...coming soon.

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Evesham Micros Dolphin Dos Userport Connector Pinout

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