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Author Topic: Setting up the adapter and how to use  (Read 575 times)

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Setting up the adapter and how to use
« on: May 06, 2018, 08:25:45 PM »
For the first time you plug the adapter to your PC,you will need to setup the settings below,

1.Right click on the speaker icon and select recording devices.

2.Set the USB microphone as default and go to properties.Change the device name to "READ".
3.Listen tab,tick listen to this device.Custom tab,untick the AGC.
4.Set the recording level to 0 (We will adjust this setting later on.)
5.Advanced tab choose the 48000 Hz

Right click on the speaker icon and goto Playback devices.Find USB Speakers and click on the properties.

1.Change device name to "WRITE"
2.Set the volume level between 75 - 80.
3.Enhancements tab,tick the box says "Disable all enhancements"
4.Go to advanced and choose 48000 Hz
5.Spatial sound tab - set it to OFF and click on the OK below.
6.Disable this device.Don't forget this.

If write and read are both enabled at the same time they interference with each other.
So when you are using the READ,you have to disable the WRITE and
when you are using the WRITE,disable the READ !!!

Adjusting the READ volume and backing up a cassette tape to PC:

DOWNLOAD this Winvice emulator with the script files included.Unzip it to your desktop.

Insert a good condition,original copy cassette game to the datasette and press play.

Double click the autoload.bat which will open a command prompt window with the incoming volume level percentage.
Go to recording settings and turn up the READ volume level slowly and watch the black screen.
The percentage should be between %90 and %110.Make sure it doesn't go over the %120.

Go to recording devices settings and untick the "Listen to this device" to stop the noise.

After backing up the whole tape,you will find the "Newtap.TAP" file in the winvice folder.
Test it with FinalTap and see if you get %100 and all green.If not you need to adjust the azimuth head alignment.
Use your real C64 or repeat the process above but start the headalign.bat instead.

Recording software to blank cassette tape:

Disable READ,enable WRITE.

Start AudioTap.
Select "convert from a Tap file" and "to a sound" click OK and choose the TAP file you want to record.
Press Record and Play on the datasette.

After recorded to tape check the azimuth head alignment one more time.If it's OK try loading the game to real C64.

If your recorded tapes are not loading on the C64,try backing it up back to PC but use Audacity instead.Inspect the gaps on track
which should be a thin line.If you are hearing distortion,popping-cracking noises you need to lower the write volume and try recording again.

This is it.

Good luck.
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