1530USB Datasette To PC Adapter
Record Games To Tapes,Backup Tapes to PC


1530USB V2.0 Play and Record



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SUPPORT FORUM How to use 1530USB

Hi Folks.Welcome to my sales page.
My name is Remzi.I am an amateur electronics hobbyist.I like designing and building modern interfaces for the vintage computers in my spare time.
This 1530USB adapter has been around for almost 2 years.It's fully tested by some Commodore communities for preservation,duplication and recreation purposes and gave brilliant results.If you have a Commodore 1530 Datasette,you can create C64,C16,VIC-20,PET software tapes.It is also possible to use it for other systems like SINCLAIR / AMSTRAD ACORN / BBC / MSX / ATARI.
Software used below is for Windows only. MacOS is NOT supported.

Backing Up Tapes To PC
Why would you back up your tape while there are digital images of tapes already available on the net? Well,it's just like ripping your audio CD's and converting them to MP3 files.You paid for those CD's back and you own them.The digital copies are %100 yours.It is just that strange feeling.
If you have some multi load games like Last Ninja and you want to make sure tape is totally error free,you can play the game from begining to the end or back it up and do an error check on your PC.
If you were a programmer back in the 80s and 90s and have some your own basic or machine language programs,you can back it up to your PC and carry on working on them.
Backing Up process is very simple.You simply need to capture the audio using Audacity,save it as a WAV file.Convert it to TAP file using the program called AudioTap.
After creating the TAP file,open it with FinalTap to clean and optimize.
Load it on your emulator to check if it works.

RECORD TAP Files To Tapes

TAP files are usually exact copy images of original tapes.

If you are a collector and have some non loading tapes,you can download the TAP file and record it over to have fully working tape again.

Recording TAP file on to tapes is straight forward.Start the AudioTap.Choose the TAP file,click OK and Press Record and Play on the Datasette.

RECORD Turbo Load Games,Make a mix tape

T64,PRG,P00 Images are usually cracked games take less space on the tape and loads much quicker than original tapes.

It is possible to fit 50 medium size games on a 60 minute tape.

Download some T64 files and unzip them to a new folder.Start the program WAV-PRG and drag-drop the T64's on it.

Press Record and Play on the datasette.It will record the games one by one.


Datasette Health Check:

You can test your tape deck by recording a 3Khz tone,play it back monitoring with a Wow and flutter program.

It should fluctuate between 2990 and 3010hz.If it fails this test,you might need to change the drive belt.

You can find the step by step instructions at the LOAD64 Support Forum.

Shipping Information
UK buyers,it will be sent by 2nd Class Large letter.
International buyers,it will be sent by Royal Mail standart air mail.Sorry no tracking,too expensive.It might take from 7 days up to 8 weeks to arrive due to pandemic and custom checks.
If you are not 100% happy with this product,you can return it.I will give you a full refund also pay for the return postage.